# Friday, 08 March 2013

The Nokia Cinemagraph program on my Nokia Lumia 920 allows me to make interesting animated GIF files, while interesting GIF files don’t share very well currently. It would have been better if it was a more widely used MP4 file. So once again I break out the old FFMPEG and made a simple front end for the express purpose of converting a GIF file to MP4.


You’ll need to copy the GIF file to you PC before you can work on it, and before you ask. YES, I realize that it would have been better if this could be done on the phone itself but I haven’t found any thing to help me achieve that yet. Maybe Nokia will realize we’d like to be able to share our animated Cinegraphs through social media easily and built it into the next update.

But for now you can download the program here : M2SimpleGIF2MP4 

Unzip into a folder and run the M2SimpleGIF2MP4.EXE, should be pretty obvious how everything works. And here’s a sample.

Embarrasing Note : So.. after I did all this, then only I figured out where the share function in the Cinemagraph app is hidden, WTF indeed, Nokia should make the button more visible! Smile with tongue out

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