# Saturday, 02 November 2013

So it's been a month after I got the Nissan Serena S-Hybrid let's do a quick round up of my experience.

The Good

It's a nice, comfy car to sit in that is able to carry loads of people. And of course.. auto doors always makes people go Ooooooo!!

The Expected

As I mentioned before in my last post, the Serena S-Hybrid isn't a Hybrid in the sense that it has an eletrical motor to augment the normal combustion engine, therefore you're not gonna get the GREAT fuel mileage savings compared to other Hybrid cars. My typical fuel consumption is 7.4KM/L which isn't great if you compare it to a typical Sedan, and only slightly better when compared to older Nissan Serena.

The other thing which worries me a bit is the idle stop system which stops the car engine when the car idles, as one of my colleagues commented when he first saw the system in action"Doesn't this just cause extra wear and tear on the ignition system?" So how well would it work 5 years down the line?

The Ugly

I HATE the damn air filter covering the battery.

2 weeks after I got the car, I tried to remove it according to the pictures in the manual. I hear a loud POP as I was trying to take it out, but I was never able to remove it. After which when I drove, the engine noise sounded louder and more amplified as if there was a loose connection at the exhaust. I wasn't too sure if it was a problem since I just got the car and wasn't used to the sound it makes yet. But then after I sent it for it's first month service, the sound was gone, so I'm gonna peg it on the fact that I did loosen something when trying to get to the batteries!

Another funny issue which I have with the car is that I can't see the tip of the hood properly and have already got a minor incident with a curb since I couldn't see wheter I was gonna hit it or not!

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