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For a more civilized age. The most popular weapon of all, the lightsaber! The dream weapon! Theoretically impossible to achieve… but… Well some of us has been living the dream through plastic lightsabers for a while now, so let's check out the evolution of this dream weapon based on my stash.

My First Lightsaber is the Obi Wan Kenobi Lightsaber, I *think* I got this around the time Episode 1 came out and everyone was going gaga over Star Wars toys again.


This is your standard torchlight with collapsible light deflector, it uses 2 C cell batteries to drive it's light and sound show. And it uses a standard (for that time) filament light bulb that's why the torchlight analogy fits.

The next extendible plastic baton I got was the Yoda Training lightsaber.


Pretty much the same as the one above, except that it's shorter (It IS Yoda's lightsaber) and it has this mode where as you swing it around, Yoda will speak through the weapon instructing you in the ways of the force!!

I was pretty much done buying plastic batons after the last two, it'd have to take something special for me to get another plastic lightsaber. And here's the something special.


This is the Force Action Darth Vader Lightsaber. What's so special about this one? Notice that for the two lightsabers above, they don't fully collapse into the hilt. Not only does this one fully collapse into the hilt, hit a switch on the hilt and a spring loaded mechanism SHOOTS the blade into its fully extended position. The spring mechanism is STRONG, about as strong as a light jab at close range.

I actually carried this as a make shift weapon when investigating potential intruders at night, cause it can make a handy club with it's slight heft, it's easy to carry around when collapsed but I can extended it to gain a length advantage at a whim (don't underestimate how much hurt these thing can cause if you WANT to hurt someone with it) and I can at least get ONE surprise shot if it comes down to a fight.

Those factors are probably what caused Hasbro to discontinue this method of making lightsabers, cause it's TOO DANGEROUS as a children's toy. WZ is strictly forbidden to handle this lightsaber and it is kept way out of his reach.

And speaking of WZ, we come up to the most recent lightsaber I bought. And WZ was the main reason I bought it.


Looks the same as the others right? But this most recent model is truly an evolution of toy lightsabers. First of all because it uses slim AAA batteries instead of gargantuam C sizes, the hilt is small and can actually be held with one hand. Instead of a normal light bulb, it uses an LED for it's light. Alas to make it more kid friendly, it's also shorter than the previous lightsabers.

For a toy of an iconic weapon, it's very interesting to have been able to see and experience the various evolutions the humble extendible lightsaber has gone through.


And I'm excited to see what future improvements we'll see next!

But wait you say! "You're losing a lot of geek cred Marauderz! You bought all these plastic toys, but a real geek would never have been satisfied by these mere batons!"

Ok… this is where you stop reading if you're a true Star Wars collector.

What you are about to see might drive you blind… insane… or both.


A long long time ago, in a place where I yet had to worry about spousal complaints and in a sudden lost of control because of the color purple. I got this.


I'm not a collector, I don't go around looking for limited edition figures, or hunt for expensive series of figures. But in my life thus far, Star Wars made me go nuts and pay a lot for something that just sits as a collectible. This is one of them.

This is the Master Replica Mace Windu Lightsaber, who knew that the one thing that would make me want to buy a replica lightsaber was the color purple!

I have a deep sense of guilt in buying this because I'm not a collector. I won't buy a fancy cabinet for it, nor would I care to clean it every few months so that it keeps its golden shine. That's why now after years of neglect, the hilt is reduced to this.

Sometimes when I go to bed after looking at it in it's place sitting on the top of the shelf, I have nightmares of it crying about it's neglect. If anyone has any idea on how to restore it's shine (can I polish it? With what? It's definetly just cheap plating I guess) please let me know.

And so… here's the real final tally of my lightsaber collection. (It's in potrait mode due to a Zoom.It bug)

I've sincerely believed in the moto that "Toys should be played with, not kept behind a glass cabinet." (Yes that's from Toy Story 2) Even more so now that I have my own kid so one word of advice, if you ever thought of getting even getting just one decorative lightsaber think of all the work and effort you'll have to put in to keeping it maintained so it keeps looking great sitting there. Then think of how much you can actually play with one of the toy lightsabers. I know what I'd choose NOW.


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