# Sunday, 28 September 2008


This is what I picked up just now. And no, I didn’t buy another system to put in the house.


With other objects in view, it’s clearer how big it is. So.. what exactly is it?


A bloody USB chill pad shaped like a refrigerator. With A LIGHT no less! I’m just amazed at what they put on the other end of a USB cable.

So how well does it work? Well… it’s a chill pad so it help maintain the coolness of your CANNED drink, but don’t expect it to actually work like a fridge and cool something that’s room temperature…. actually maybe it MIGHT work, just that it’ll take a LOOOOOONG time. Also, the fact that you want to keep the can on the pad when you’re not drinking is a bit difficult since you’ll have to watch it when you replace an opened can back into the fridge.

I bought this cause they were throwing away sales premiums (hence the HP logo), maybe I’ll try and remove the chill pad from inside the fridge so it’ll work better.

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