# Sunday, 08 July 2007

If you've been shopping for LED lights before you would have noticed that sometimes they are dirt cheap, and sometimes they are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!! And yet they all seem to perform exactly the same.

Take for example these round LED light emblems.


I've seen them being sold under the OSRAM brand name for I think.. around RM40? I got these for RM8.. RM8 for BOTH of them!! And well.. they work.. they shine... So what are you paying for with more money?

Usually a better LED power controller, a cheap light might just directly pump juice from the batteries, decreasing the battery life. But the good thing about LEDs are that even though the battery power might be low you can still get pretty usable light from the LEDs. A brand name LED light might have a proper power controller so that the LEDs will give out a bright light for a longer time compared to the cheap ones.

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