# Saturday, 07 April 2007

Today we finally took Wen Zhern out of the house for intention of casual shopping in One Utama. Gotta do it sometime I guess. After about an hour of studying how to get the car seat in the car properly we finally got to the point of strapping him into the seat.

Mummy is still worried that the sun is too harsh on little WZ's eyes, hence... If you're wondering why I'm strapping in a less than 3 month old baby in a front facing car seat, well... my seat belts aren't long enough to attach it in back facing mode!!! Luckily the seat can be tilted so WZ isn't being forced to sit up when he still can't do it.


After finally reaching One U and finding a parking, the first challenge was.. how to get down an escalator with the stroller. After finally deciding on a way and getting down to the mall level I noticed a big NO STROLLER, USE LIFTS sign on the escalators. But dude... 1U lifts SUCK ASS!

Then we quickly headed for the baby section, for the main reason that we came here in the first place.

To buy WZ a chew toy... cause according to my parents, the reason he's sucking his thumb so much lately is that he's teething so they told me to get him something small to chew on. To which I answered, he can't even hold onto his own pacifier how is he supposed to grip a chew toy in his hands? But... who am I to argue with my parents?

The trip went smoothly, WZ didn't make a fuss about anything and we managed to leave before he hit a feeding point so all was good.

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