# Sunday, 02 April 2006

At first the McD delivery service was interesting, and useful. Since well they devliered something else other than pizza. And it's something you could eat much more regularly than pizza. But then a few months back the first little stain on their record happened to me where when I called them to order during a weekday and they tell me... "We can't take our order now, we're too busy!" Errr.. ok... But weren't you guys expecting the load?

And just now was pretty much the last straw, I made an order and they said it'd take 45~60 mins to arrive. An hour later and still nothing so I called them to see what was wrong, they told me that the order was closed which I gather means that the order should have been delivered. I told them no it's not delivered. And after being put on hold for a while she tells me her supervisor would call me back in a while.... The supervisor didn't call me back.

I call them again, hunger.. starvation... [b]anger[/b]... all building up... Again I tell them my order wasn't delivered, again they told me my order is closed, again they put me on hold, again they said their supervisor would call me back. This time I told them.. supervisor now! When the supervisor told me to wait again I blew my top, screwed them about the delays, actually used a fuck in my anger. (causing my wife to be pretty annoyed) 10 mins later they FINALLY delivered the full, I didn't say a word to the delivery boy. I just paid him knowing that this is probably the last time I'm ordrering McD delivery!

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