# Sunday, 21 May 2006

Every family that has multiple computers would most likely need a central server for certain tasks. During the weekend I traded my old tower system for a new barebones Shuttle module, installed WinXP MCE 2005 on it and then set up a public fileshare so that it can hold all the digital photos that have been taken by my camera.

Hooked up and shared the only printer in the house so that the printer doesn't need to be carried around to be used, the wife was really berating me a LOT for not doing this earlier!

Then installed Skype on the machine and connected and plugged in a USB handset to it so Skype calls can be made and picked up easier.

Then the reason I installed MCE instead of plain WinXP pro was because I wanted to use my XBox 360 to connect to it so it can be used to cache display all the photos that are stored in the systemon the TV. And once I got everything running... DAMN the pictures look nice and sharp on the TV via a component connection!


Welcome to the family, and hope you serve me as well as your older brethen!

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