# Thursday, 18 January 2007

I treat my gear very carefully, I gently slide my notebooks in and out of the bag, I only torture my touch screen s after I put a screen protector on them. I die a little inside when anything bad happens to my gear, like when my M200 dropped cause of a faulty bag strap,or where my phone dropped to the ground cause I missed the holster.

So, imagine my surprise that this kind of gentle attituide doesn't apply when taking care of babies.  When I try to bundle him up and he fights back I'm too scared to apply too much force cause I'm afraid I might dislocate his arm or something, worse when trying to change a diaper and he's just kicking wildly while I'm trying to clean his butt.

Whereas my wife who has taken care of a lot of her nieces and nephews just pushes the little guy's arms down, or just yanks the legs straight and proper when doing a diaper change. She asks me why do I find it so hard to force a baby's down, I ask her isn't she afraid of breaking anything cause I'm just trying to be careful here. She just tells me to just give them the push and the baby should get the idea already.

Ok then... we'll see what happens after a few more tries.

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