# Saturday, 17 May 2008

No.. this story isn't about WZ, it's about me but it starts when I was still a boy. While I was still studying in school, there was one thing that I just had to get. And after a chance trip to Switzerland, I got it!


Come on! After watching enough episodes of Macgyver (link to Wikipedia for the benefit of those who are too young to know) as a kid you would have wanted one too right??!!?? This knife has been with me for many many years, see all the scrapes on it? That comes from the countless battles that I raged on numerous computer casings.

About 3 years ago I decided to get a new multitool, instead of getting another Swiss Army knife. I decided to go for a Leatherman multitool instead.


This particular decision was influenced by someone who I met a long time ago while doing some work on installing some network equipment. I saw him using a Leatherman and I asked him how was it compared to the Swiss Knife I was using. His comments "It's great cause I don't have a corkscrew and magnifying glass which I'd never use unless I'm stranded in a jungle" A Leatherman multitool's most distinct feature is that there's a pair of pliers hidden in it.


It works and feels like a real pair of needle nose pliers, complete with cable cutters and clamps just like what a normal pair of pliers has. And then hidden in the handles are the various other implements, knife, saw, scissors etc. etc. Go check out their webpage later if you want to see the tools I got a story to finish here. :P

So I carried this around with me while I went out. It was a bit heavier than the swiss knife I have but I was surprised at the number of situations I was in where it was beneficial that I could just pull a pair of pliers out of my pocket!

That all changed when I was in Imbi Plaza where an acquitance just bought a 360, the shop keeper put the sealed box on the counter and went to find a knife. That's when I in an attempt to be cool whipped out the knife on the Leatherman, which looks like this.


It's a big long AGGRESSIVE looking knife! Upon seeing it, my friend yelped "Who the fark are you trying to kill with that thing? Why the fark are you carrying something like that around!!??!!" That made me decide to only take the Leatherman out with me when I knew I needed to work on something. It's a great tool to have, I really love the build of the thing. But I knew I needed to find something else if I wanted a tool to be with me always.

And a few months later after the incident I found my replacement!


A Leatherman Squirt! It's really great cause like it's name it's a small thing.


But it still has a pretty usable pair of pliers concealed inside.


And of course it has various other things hidden in the handles


This is just a nice handy thing to have in my pocket! I can open WZ's fan's child safe battery door with it. Open any of those farking clam shell seals that they like to seal gadgets in, and other things.

But there's just one problem... I don't think you can buy this in Malaysia. I looked around in various places before and after (I want some spares!) I got mine in a bulk buy that was happening just as I was searching for places that sold this. So it sucks that this is so good a piece of equipment yet I can't tell people where to get it!

So... why is Marauderz posting such an old tale on the site? Cause I was still practicing with my macro lens and I thought.. what the heck!


I still can't get used to how dirty some of my gear looks on closeup!

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