# Thursday, 18 February 2010

So I’ve talked about Small Basic before, and they’ve just released a new version. So what’s so cool about this nice little tool for learning basic? Well it’s about how you can now show code to people. For example, let’s say I have a simple turtle program and while I can show you the code here.

Turtle.MoveTo (0,0)
Goto start

Then start explaining what the code does or… if you have already downloaded Small Basic, I could give you the Small Basic code of TRM169

Or… you can just SEE THE CODE IN ACTION with the brand new RUN IN SILVERLIGHT publishing capability and you can actually see how the code runs!

And that is just so farking cool! Unbelievably useful for showing people how code samples would work! Think there are still some bugs though, but not a bad start.

Note that you can Post As GUEST as well.
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