# Saturday, 26 April 2008

I just went to Thailand for 2 days for a training session. I don't like going to places where they can't speak English properly. For one thing it's difficult to communicate with people on stuff like directions or is the training center 5 blocks left then 3 blocks right or the other way around? The kicker came when I was ordering some dinner at a MOS burger, I was tired from a day of training so I kinda zoned out a bit and I read the menu as "TXXXkatsu Rice Burger" along with some description in Thai, I didn't think too much of it and just assumed it said Torikatsu (Breaded Deep Fried Chicken)

So I placed my order and when the burger came, I sunk my teeth into it and instead of the feeling of chicken meat. It felt squishy... I pulled the burger away from my mouth and I saw the filling. It WASN'T chicken.. it was OCTOPUS or SQUID... one of them.

On the plus side though as I was walking through the shopping malls I bumped into a classic car show.. and I bumped into this little guy.


A Delorean!!! An actual one, not a modified prop!! It just looks cool with it's gull wing doors and rough stainless steel body.

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