# Saturday, 25 May 2013

This is my Nintendo 3DS XL


The amount of games I play on it is quite surprising considering it’s a portable dinky little console, in fact the only reason I upgraded from my original Nintendo 3DS to this XL one was because not only did I wanted WZ to be able to see me playing properly on it but also because the fantastic, funky, hot games coming out for it in the next few months are just too much!

But even with all this love for the Nintendo 3DS, one thing that Nintendo managed to do both right and wrong at the same time is their implementation of a digital purchases, their Nintedo e-Shop.

So what do they manage to get right? Let’s take a look at the stuff which I bought from the e-Shop (Using the prepaid cards purchased from Play Asia, since it’s almost I haven’t been able to attach a Malaysian CC to the account)


Everything after the 3rd column are downloads from the e-Shop, and everything without the word DEMO on it are things I bought from the e-Shop. And this is what Nintendo get’s right, in addition to e-Shop only mini games like Liberation Maiden and Starship Damrey, retail games like Adventure Time and Art Academy 2 can also be purchased on LAUNCH DAY. Nintendo seems to be quite committed to selling games in both retail and digital form, and that’s great!

But then in typical Nintendo form, for all the good which they’re doing they just HAD to go screw up the platform some how. It’s goes like this, all those games you saw just now, and also the balance in my e-Shop account?


The USD43.07 balance? They’re not tied to any form of online ID, they’re tied to the CONSOLE ITSELF!!!

To put it simply, when you loose an iPod, or a phone, you can just sign in to your account and redownload you apps and stuff.

Nintendo in their effort to make it easy (probably) and user friendly decided that creating an account was too much of a hassle an just linked everything to your 3DS. I’m gonna guess that all the people in the team who came to this decision

  • Don’t have children
  • Never broke a device by dropping it
  • Never lost a device

It’s RIDICULOUS to assume that a person is never gonna have any accidents with the 3DS which results in ALL the e-Shop downloads AS WELL as e-Shop balances being lost. It also means that a heavy e-Shop user’s 3DS might be worth a LOT!

After coming to this realization, I have decided that any retail games that I would want to play all the time (Animal Crossing) and games which WZ might play I’ll buy the e-Shop version (cause I don’t trust WZ to swap cartridges properly!) Everything else I’ll buy the physical cartridge except when I can’t… like.. Ace Attorney…

God damnit Nintendo, get your act together!

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