# Saturday, 06 January 2007

Following an earth quake a few weeks ago, the international lines were cut, even the redundant ones. Net performance has just been terrible terrible after that.

I can't connect my IM apps, and even if I DO connect, messages might not get through.

TMNut seems to be working on something with the LOCAL lines, and thus I can't even RDP into my office servers at the LOCAL data center to get my work done.

Having a shoddy connection is seriously hampering my Xbox 360 experience, I have trouble connecting to the Live network, and even if I can it's damn right impossible to play with anyone outside of Malaysia.

Luckily the server hosting this blog doesn't seem to be affected by the line outages, so as long as Maxis doesn't screw up you can be sure to get Live updates on my child's birth! ;)

Note that you can Post As GUEST as well.
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