# Sunday, 10 February 2008

That's what I told myself a few years back after a particularly nasty incident involving around a particularly bad system restore experience with my C110 Tablet PC.

But after my shuttle died in a brilliant lightning storm, I needed a replacement desktop PC. I didn't need something extremely powerful, just something to watch movies with, do video editing of WZ's videos and other miscellaneous tasks. Definitely not to play games cause I've swore off PC gaming already.

I was even considering just getting of them media playing cases like this since that would be what I did primarily.. watch videos. But then, it costs about RM1700 just for the case itself without even taking the hard disk into consideration.

Then I stumbled upon this...


The Acer Aspire L3600. It's a small form factor PC, and it costs RM1999 for the Core 2 Duo version, the Core Duo and AMD versions are even cheaper! But since the Core 2 Duo one comes with 1GB of RAM I got this one.

Not much surprises in the machine.. DVD Multiwriter.. builtin WiFi card... TV Tuner.. which since it doesn't have a hardware MPEG2 Encoder it doesn't work with Windows Media Center.

One of the reasons why the system can be so cheap is that it doesn't come preinstalled with Windows. But rather Linux.. Linpus Linux. I'd tell you about the features offered by the free OS but... the problem is, Acer decided to install the OS onto the system and then forgot all about it. It doesn't even come with a GUI enviroment!

Upon first boot, you're greeted with a command prompt and the message that says something to the effect of "type os-update to install X-Windows". So I did so... and pages and pages of error messages scrolled through the screen, most of them seemed to be complaining about being unable to find something for download. 5 minutes later it said it was done installing X-Windows and I needed to restart the system.

I restarted the system and was still greeted with the command prompt.... I installed Vista Home Premium immediately. It really puzzles me why did Acer do such a half ass job with the Linux install, it was obviously an afterthought considering how crappy it is!

No problems installing Windows considering the drivers are all provided on a CD with the system.

All in all, the system is ideal for use as a simple home PC, it's powerful enough to do handle most non gaming related tasks and definetly sufficient for most users.

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