# Saturday, 05 June 2010

I just attended the Sony NEX Micro Four Thirds camera launch, and as I watched the person doing the main product launch I came to the realization that if ever I attend another even like this, I need to bring along the video camera to record any mess ups.


First of all, Mr Product Manager (sorry, don't remember your name, not a real journalist you see) did the number one mistake of reading the contents of the slide EXACTLY without any additional explanation. While that can be slightly excused due to standard presentation template dribble. The 2nd snafu came when they talked about the NEX's Sweep Panorama feature.

It's a really cool feature, in order to take panorama pics instead of snaping multiple photos, you just hold on to the shutter button and sweep the camera from left to right. VERY VERY COOL and NIFTY! Then MR PM PROUDLY boasted that you can take 3D PANORAMA PICTURES! While that's a cool thing to note I remembered reading about it here that the tech is not ready yet. Sure enough after a LOUD proclaimation of 3D Panorama Support, MR PM followed up with a more subdued and quieter statement that you'll be able to take such 3D Panoramas after downloading a firmware update.

BUT.... Mr PM again proclaimed that the 3D pictures that were being shown in the demo pavilion as seen below.


Are ACTUAL SHOTS TAKEN BY THE SONY NEX! It's obvious that Mr PM didn't actually go through all the demo material that's used in his show if not he would have noticed this message that's played in front of the 3D loop.


This is not the first time I caught a Sony FAIL. I wonder if I'll have any more chances?

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