# Saturday, 13 February 2010

So I’ve been playing Bioshock 2 for a while and while I’m enjoying the game I feel that there’s something I just HAVE to get off my chest.

For a big daddy, I die WAY TOO EASILY! All it takes to kill me is about 3 solid clubs to the head and I’m back in the Vitachamber. While you might say that it’s because you play as the very first big daddy therefore as a prototype you’re weaker and such but let me remind you that you’re still wearing the Big Daddy Deep Sea Diving Helmet. Which I’d think would be able to withstand a few blows from lead pipes.

And for that matter, how the heck does the characther eat, drink and smoke all the health items? Is there a feeding tube somewhere which we can’t see?

The final rant is that even though we can swing a drill the size of our helmet like a simple bat, this particular act would dictate that Big Daddy is stronger than the average man. And yet when would smash the drill into a splicer’s head we have to club them a couple of times compared to just once and seeing their head’s explode due to being bludgeoned by a heavy object?

I find there can only be one reason for this to happen, why the splicers can withstand so much pounding to their heads by a big giant drill.

They’ve got BETTER HELMETS! I hope I can find out who their supplier is.

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