# Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Here's my list of why Bayonetta is the BEST ACTION GAME I'VE TOTALLY ENJOYED in a while.

  • Within 1 minutes of starting a new game you are kicking ass already, no lengthy intro cutscene to sit through, no waiting, the game let's you get it out of your system first BEFOREshowing you the intro. For the first few minutes of the game that you'll experience in the game will be a sampling of the excitment you come to feel in game.
  • The FULL combo move list is already available from the start of the game, extra singular moves are purchased, but I keep forgetting to use them. Bayonetta also sports the smoothest combo system I've used in an action game.
  • INSTA-DODGE! One press of the dodge button and Bayonetta cancels out of pretty much ANYTHING and dodges out of an oncoming attack. Dodge at the right time and you get bullet time mode to cause extra damage. I LIKE games that reward my reflexes!
  • Practice Mode! So you died and the game needs to reload the check point, would you like to practice your moves before facing the enemy that killed you? The loading screen is the practice mode, hit the BACK button and you can keep practicing your moves till you feel ready to take on the world.
  • Encourage not Frustrate. Whenever you die in Bayonetta and a checkpoint is loaded, you don't get back the health level you were at when the checkpoint was saved. you get back FULL HEALTH! A silver of life left when you got slaugthered by a horde? Don't worry you'll reload with full health? The trade off? Your game rating pretty much dive bombs. But... instead of hurling my controller at the TV in frustration everytime I die, I'm just angry at not being good enough to survive! And since I get full health on a reload, it means I have a higher chance of making it through the game. It is this system that makes me want to replay the game to get better scores.

If you're a fan of Action games like Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden there's no reason NOT to pick this one up!

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