# Sunday, 28 December 2008

One of the things which I realized when I made my YTBNSystem was that I needed to calculate the proper amount of bandwidth required for the best viewer experience. It's a very easy case for the single video streams (such as the one that featured the wall climbing car), the video is encoded for 350kbps which most people are able to obtain as long as their line isn't too busy working on some other transfers, not to mention, in a single video stream scenario it doesn't really matter if the video needs to be buffered the user experience isn't affected that much.

But when I want to display 2 video streams together, I need to find the most ideal bandwidth capacity that'll allow the videos to appear as if they were playing in sync.

So I sat down this morning, and starting testing out some encoding profiles, and I came up with this.

What I realized was that whenever I had a situation where I needed to display 2 video streams, the primary one is usually not important and thus can suffer loss in image quality and because it's just speech, the audio quality can also be dropped. But the supplement video would require a higher video and audio quality cause the user's main attention would be on the supplement.

So right now I've decided on these values

  • Main video stream : 125kbps video data, 16kbps mono audio data 16khz sampling rate.
  • Supplement video stream : 200kbps video data, 20kbps mono audio data 22.05khz sampling rate.

So the number still comes up to be about 350kbps, why did I settle on this number? Because I found that my line is capable of streaming a 350kbps video without it having to buffer, if it works well on my measly 1Mbps line, should be fine for most streamyx users.

Maybe I can go higher, but that's testing scheduled for another day.

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