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It's the end of a generation. Ever since I started using phones I have always used a belt clip to hang my phone on my belt. But lately I realized that whenever I carry WZ around I always remove the phone from my belt and put it in my pocket cause WZ might step on it when I'm carrying him. But since I put my keys in my pocket as well, I need to ensure that the screen of my Touch Diamond 2 is well protected. So I ordered one of them super scratch resistant device protection sheets from GadgetShieldz and it's on it's way over already.

But that only protects it from being scratched, so I still need some bumper protection so I decided to buy one of them silicon cases. I easily found one in a gadget shop.


The problem with silicon cases and touch screen phones is of course, they protect everything other than the screen, that's why some cases come with a plastic screen cover or something of the sort. This Capdase one I saw didn't come with any plastic cover. But in the corner of the box it said.


So I thought ok, I don't exactly need it but it'll be nice to have as a backup I guess. Then the shop keeper told me "The screen protector is not included" I pointed to the caption on the box. Again he reaffirmed that THERE'S NO SCREEN PROTECTOR IN THE BOX. That they've searched high and low for the screen protector in the box but they never found it. I pointed out that wouldn't that be false advertising? But he just gave me a well that's how it came to us response. Since I was just looking for a simple case and didn't really care if the screen protector was included or not I bought it anyway.

As I sat down having some food in the shop I did what other gadget obsessed person would do with an unopened package and time to kill, I tore open the box and pull out the case. It fit my Diamond 2 perfectly, so no surprises there. Then I started looking around for the elusive screen protector. The packaging was basically a cardboard frame placed inside a transparent plastic box, then I realized that the rear of the frame was actually another piece of paper. And sandwiched in between the frame and the paper was....


The GREATEST Guarder For LCD Screen!! I didn't find a screen protector though!

As I made my way back to the shop to inform them about my discovery I couldn't help wondering how many GREATEST Guarders did the shop throw away if they said they never found any before. I walked up to the same sales person that reassured me that there was no screen protector in the box and then proceeded to show him where it was hiding. I was expecting expressions of shock and disbelief but without missing a beat he immediately said "There was no screen protector in the box LAST TIME!"

Kinda makes me wonder how far back was LAST TIME since I find it hard to believe that there's such a huge demand for Diamond 2 cases.

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