# Sunday, 12 October 2008

Went to a little conference organized by Sony for Alpha owners today. They had a cosy little setup, first of all since they were allowing the general public to come and try out the equipment they had a little showroom for the various pieces of technology and gear that go into an Alpha camera. Including this little guy.


An cutaway view of an A700 camera, didn't exactly get the best angle for this thing today, will try again tomorrow.

Then of course they had to allow people to try out their cameras, so they needed subjects.. like




And where there are bikes…


There be posing models!


Sony did a great job of setting up a proper shooting stage, there were ample lights and they were nice and bright that I didn't even need to use a Flash at ISO100, so I could take nice clear shots with my 50mm Macro lens.


Normally I would have made a Deep Zoom album containing my other shots so you can check out the minute details of the pics. But… Silverlight 2.0 is going to RTM soon, and I don't want to risk having to recreate all the Deep Zoom images if there are any breaking changes.

So that'll have to wait.

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