# Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Sony CX-150 has a few nifty tricks up it's sleeve. First of all if you buy a cable from Sony, you can directly plug a HARD DISK into the camera and back up the internal memory's contents to said hard disk. Great for transfers during a vacation. Not so great since I tried using my own Mini-B to A Female cable and it didn't work, means the connection is proprietary and I don't want to pay a few hundred bucks for a simple cable.

The other trick the CX-150 can do is while you're recording a video you can just push this little button here.


The photo button, and it'll capture a photo while you're recording video. I'd have love to say you can capture a USABLE photo but I can't... heck I'm not even gonna justify it's existence by putting a sample photo here. It's VERY VERY BAD. It's great for people who aren't sure how to capture a frame off recorded video but other than that.. nope.. not usable at all.

The one last trick the CX-150 can do is pretty nifty... it can take high speed shots for roughly 5 seconds. It basically tries to be one of those high speed cameras. Problem is... you have to switch to this mode, and it can only take 5 seconds, and after taking the 5 seconds, it needs some processing time to make the video. Not so good for spur of the moment clips.

Great if you can setup a scene properly!

After taking the above video, I realized that the Vulcan couldn't fire fast enough (I was happy with the effect of course!) So I gave my brother the Raider to shoot with, but he wasn't experience enough to fire it fast enough. So I offered to shoot him instead, but he declined. I stared at my wife holding the camera but she scowled at me. Where would I find someone who takes delight in being shot by rapid firing Nerf darts? Oh... right... (Warning... scenes of offspring abuse follows)

I was aiming below the head! So I know I won't hit him in the face. :P

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