# Friday, 26 October 2007

Well... it's been about 3 weeks with the U1010. Lets me do a quick recap of how it's been working out for me.

I've setup Onenote on the U1010 to sync with my Onenote notebook in my P1610. So now when I go out for meetings which don't involve having to show my code I just bring the U1010 which is easy to create around due to it's size.

If I miscalculated and need to access resources on the P1610, well as long as the net holds up, I just plug in my Dopod C730 make a VPN connection back to the office and then RDP into the machine.

At home due to it's size it's easy to take the U1010 and surf from the couch to catch up on some reading while putting WZ to bed. Like all things that have backlit screens and moving pictures, WZ is very attracted to it.

The U1010 is a great portable media player. As long as the file's locally stored of course. Wireless just isn't fast enough for high bitrate videos. Music is an interesting problem.. I used WMP 10 to sync out all the music I have in my various MP3 players and well... it plays but due to the slow hard disk on the U1010, there's an annoying near the end of each song as WMP10 caches the next song in line for gapless playback. Does anyone know how to turn that off?

I feel that my P1610 is big....

I think I'm gonna go blind soon...

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