# Saturday, 20 February 2010

There are many situations when you need to move files between machines, you could either create a network fileshare if that's possible. Or you could shuttle the files using a USB drive if there's one available. I just acquired this little thing cause I wanted to see how it worked.


This is Vantec's ezShare Pro device, on the box it states that you could copy files between machines without having to setup anything. I was interested to see how it works so I thought to myself why not?

So... how does it work? Basically you plug the device into one computer, and then you plug a normal USB cable into the other end and then into another computer. Both systems will then register a new CD drive attached to it, then you run the program on said 'CD' on BOTH MACHINES and that gives you an explorer interface to drag files between the machines.

Simple? Yes. Can be done in other ways? Yup. But hell... might come in handy one of these days..

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