# Saturday, 26 February 2011

There are things which no matter how cheap they are, you just don't tell you wife that you bought it, since you'll most likely get the "What the bloody hell were you thinking?!?!?!" speech. This would be one of those things


Yup.. it's a plunger, and yup.. I bought 3 of them


It's hard to think imagine their function is until you see them in use


Yup, these are very small plungers. Basically what you do with them is press them onto any smooth backed device (or something stuck with a suction cup helper I bought in Daisho) and then you can use it as a stand for said device.


Of course, a lot of factors come into play, the device must have a smooth back to allow for maximum suction (that phrase sounds a bit wrong out of context), it works only on a stable surface, and if the device is too heavy it'd probably just collapse onto the poor plunger.

Well.. it works for phones pretty well.


If I made you curious enough to want to buy one of these, you can get it at weird gadget dealer DealExtreme, bonus points if you looked at the packaging picture and went "Oh, that's suprisingly appropriate!"

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