# Thursday, 19 October 2006

So.. you made a good application, won the local leg of the Imagine cup, had Bill Gates deliver you your prize, which in effect was a prize itself as well. So how did a bright, aspring programmer go from representing her country (scroll to the bottom)..

To becoming part of a pirated DVD distribution site?

I wonder if the media exagerated their income? RM1 Million made from selling pirated DVDs for a year? Hmmm.. usually the media, or companies like to place the sticker price based on what the authentic product would cost, then multiply it by number of pirated units sold to get said price.. still... RM1 million, that's a lot of pirated DVDs.

I showed this news to my colleagues, some of them said well.. maybe she has reasons we don't know of, like she needs the money to take care of a sick mother, or maybe the boy friend coaxed her into doing it.

I don't agree with those reasons, for one thing.. IT'S ILLEGAL!! Another thing is that why sell pirated DVDs? The MPAA has enough combined money and iffluence to come after you wherever you are. Could have tried selling some other fake stuff like rolexes or something. And I'm sure there are other better cons that you could have thought of.

Well.. now she might end up in jail.. a perfect example of how you can go from the top of the world to rockbottom. There's only one thing that she can do when she comes out of all this... Write a book about her experiences, how when at first she was just skeptical about the whole deal, then as the money started rolling in how she start being more and more afraid that one day the authorities are gonna come aknocking. Yup.. the first great Malaysian cyber story!!

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