# Monday, 09 February 2009

So... now that I know I'll be using the Beliner Media Player in the car more I needed to settle how I was going to put the thing in the middle of the car so that people from both the left and right side can watch it without straining their necks too much.

So the first thing I did was the obvious one, try to hang the player in between the 2 front seats.


If only it was that easy! Because the anchor point was at the top of the player, and the strap itself is not hard, the player's own weight made it droop down. There was no way in hell this setup would be scoring any WAF (wow.. WAF actually has a Wikipedia entry!)points this way!

I realized I needed to find something to push the thing outwards, to give it a spine so it could support itself straight. I rummaged the house trying to find a piece of wood, or plastic, something that was solid yet not to inconvenient to disassemble or move around. And then I found this.


I don't even know what they call this in english, this was what I used when I was in Kemahiran Hidup classes in Form 4. How would I use this to give the player a spine? Like this.


Installation was much easier than I anticipated, just slide the T bar behind the straps! And how well does it work?


It works FANTASTICALLY well! The T bar balances the unit and makes sure it faces straight, and the ruler reaches to the ground of the car and leans against the central column causing it to support the player to look straight forward! FANASTIC!!

This setup scored BOAT LOADS of WAF points, full and whole hearted acceptance of the wife on the usage of the player in car!

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