# Thursday, 12 July 2007

Why is it that mobile phone browsing technology just always seems to lag behind actual desktop web browsing technology?

First the mobile phones had WAP, which.. well.. I guess you have to say it was kinda a joke. But it enabled phone to actually browse information on the Internet.. even if said data had to be specially formatted for the particular device.

Then after a long time, mobile phones started adopting the XHTML standard, which although looks SIMILAR to normal web pages, had more stringent rules on formatting and while some phones which supported XHTML could see normal web pages, most of them would still choke on the immense resources required to display the onslaught of angle brackets!

Parallel to this, certain high end phones started appearing which had web browsers that almost shared the same capabilities of a desktop browser. But these phones were expensive, and not for mass consumption.

Recently I saw that many new mass market phones are equipped with pretty capable browsers, therefore.. while the screens, at a resolution of 320x240 might be small, but the majority of the web could finally be browsed even if the viewer might have to scroll around alot.

So I thought that mobile devices have finally caught up... then I started realising that more and more sites are using the AJAX mindset in displaying their information, complex DOM manipulations, etc. etc. A mobile phone browser might be able to support SOME Javascript commands... but definetly not all the scenarios out there so... here we go again..

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