# Saturday, 03 May 2008


Nothing much to say about the game other than if you feel like kicking back and running a few laps around a circuit on a lawn mower or scooter bikes, this is the Wii game to get. I'd like to talk about using the plastic shell that came with the game.

It surprised me.

After the horrible horrible experience with Ridge Racer on the PS3 I was really worried about how terrible the control would be, but.. it really surprised me. From the get go, I started the game, selected the beginner level and I was off, no calibration, no sensitivity tweaking, nothing! And I was driving with a plastic in my hands. And I was surprised how well it worked.

Nothing beats the exact, responsiveness of an actual joystick. But so far (haven't left 50cc yet) even when racing online, I haven't had the feeling that the wheel is punishing me for using it.

Oh.. here's a video for all of you to see how well the wheel works.

For all of you wondering how I did the video recording to be synchronized? I had my video camera focusing on the wheel and the Pinnacle Video Transfer unit hooked to the TV. I started the recording on both ends then I yelled 1,2,3, MARK! and made a circuit selection at the same time, so that became the sync point for the video. Of course there's bound to be some margin of error since it's such a crude way of doing it.

As to how I overlaid the videos? The process is a bit complicated to be repeated here but the tools used were. AVISynth, FFMPEG and VirtualDub. I'm gonna need some sort of a REAL video editor if I'm gonna do complex stuff like this again. :P

On a side note, after seeing me play without the shell once. WZ now will hold remote controls horizontally between his hands occasionally. ;)

ps. Why did I use YouTube instead of Soapbox? Cause I felt this video needed public exposure. But for comparison's sake, here's the SAME video uploaded to Soapbox.

Main difference here is that each service uses different levels of compression. With the one using a higher level of compression able to deliver the video quicker but suffers with image quality with the other having the reverse trade offs.

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