# Thursday, 16 October 2008

So I was asked to shoot some rings.


Looks elegant when you're holding it, but up close… you can see the tool marks and all. The guy's ring is… normal.. undecorated.


I'm shooting this on top of the box container, so note the dust on the black cushion. The bride's ring is of course the one that has a stone on it.


I couldn't exactly think of any particular way of arranging it, so I just ended up with this.


While trying to get a depth of field that would contain everything the shutter speed was up to 30 seconds. I spent 5 minutes blowing out all the dust that got attracted to the sensor after that.


The shot on top is cropped and not the full pic, but this was pretty much the closest I could get to the stone. I guess with a lightbox I could take pics like this with a nice.. white uniform background. Hmmm.. interesting.

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