# Saturday, 14 February 2009

The cool thing about having a blog and making regular entries is that you have a searchable record of what happened previously. For example.. waaaaay back in 2006 when I first got the 360. I also managed to acquire... THE PORN STICK! Here's a picture of it back in 2006.

So... now that I've gotten this the other day.


It's time to dust off the old PornStick that hasn't really seen much use since 2006. Heck.. WZ has been slamming that thing around since he was born, I was worried if it's still work properly.


You might need to click on it to bring up the bigger version to see it properly, but there's definetly traces of dirt and years of neglect on the thing.... maybe even some drool. (from WZ of course) So without even thinking if it's a good idea wiping it down with alcohol I grab a baby wipe off WZ's baby bag and start scrubbing the stick.


I managed to get off the surface dust, but some of the thing has caked into the surface ridges and won't come out. But... it still works thankfully! Very well too!!! Now I just need to make WZ understand he can't torture the thing so much anymore...

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