# Thursday, 06 April 2006

So... let's play a game. How much force does it take to move an old parked Toyota Corolla about 5 meters?

In fact if it wasn't for the fact that there was a Kembara in the way I think it might have flew even FURTHER!!

Anyway to answer the question...

Enough force to make the oncoming Kancil/Kelisa to flip on it's side. I didn't blot out all of the guy's plate number (The last number is NOT 4) because after smashing into my brother's PARKED car and then coming out from the Kancil with the faint but distinct scent of alcohol on him. And then he tells me he wasn't drinking?!?!?! If you weren't drinking why the heck were you driving so fast in a housing estate until you gained enough mometum to shove my brother's car from where it was parked into our neighbour's Kembara?

I wonder who's car was damage more, My brothers?

Or his..

The Kancil get's extra damage points cause when the tow truck came, instead of gently lifting the car up. They just pushed it right side up, I think your wheels would probably get damaged by that. And yes.. that's the dumbass driver!

Also in another food for thought on the topic of WHAT THE HECK was he doing to cause him to smash into my brother's car, this is the first thing he discarded from inside his car after it was flipped upright.

A container.. STILL OPEN... with left over Fried Kuay Teow if I'm not mistaken, I peeked inside the car there was no spillage which I could see so maybe he finished it before.

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