# Sunday, 06 September 2009

After being tied up for the past month I finally got around to finish something I should have done few weeks ago.


I needed to fix my XBox 360. The 360 that I'm using is technically a 1st generation 360, the one with the extremely high failure rates. I declamped the bugger about 2 years ago, and have been using it until 1 month ago it RROD'ed again. When it failed I pretty much knew what was wrong. The 360 has been working well for 2 years, on a RM4 drop of Thermal Paste, which probably has thinned out by now and has lost contact between the heat sink and the chips.

So I took apart my 360 and applied slight pressure onto the heat sinks, the 360 booted up. I let go of the heat sinks. The 360 show's it's overheat warning. So I slabbed a new layer of thermal paste (Cooler Master Brand RM24 per tub, if you must know) on it screwed it back up and let it run. And yup.. it works.

So... why is it that I keep using the least reliable console of this console generation? Because XBox Live is the BEST ONLINE GAMING EXPERIENCE. If you ask anyone who plays online with both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 you'll know that the 360 gives you the better online experience. (The Wii doesn't even exists in this comparison)

So if it means I have to reapply thermal paste on this thing again in 2011 with WZ looking on me from the edge of the table wondering when he can get his game on. So be it!

In fact I was so excited to get back online I accidentally bought a wrong arcade title!!! Gaaaahhh!!!

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