# Sunday, 27 May 2007

One of the first games I ever got for my Nintendo DS was Ouendan, it was basically the only game which after I saw a video on the web I knew.. I just HAAAADDD to get it!! And it was a brillant rhythm game, so fun and exciting, and fast paced!!! So fast that the game also served to be a DS screen killer since you had to spin the stylus on the screen like hell!

Fast forward to today...

The sequel is out.. and once again I went nuts for it.. I even pre-ordered it and paid for express shipping too! But it was all worth it! Again I was hunched over my desk tapping, scratching, rolling across the screen. And now I even have a L33T setup for playing the game.

It consists of a DS Lite, perched on a DS stand, controlled by a (now defunct) Moritoys extendable stylus, and for sound output I pipe it into my portable speaker cause as much as I need to hear the notes properly I don't want to go deaf over it so I prefer to use speakers instead of headphones.

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