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Today at One Utama was where Sony decided to hold the launch event for the PS3 here in Malaysia. They held it outside of the building in the foyer area. Probably to allow the fans like these people here.


And here.


And of course.. the head of the queue.


So according to this article, the head of the queue has been camping here since Thursday.

The stage was a pretty standard affair.


They had an area where they were conducting a Soul Calibur IV 24 hour game marathon.


And, this gigantic effort was recognized by an official body.


They had a corner that demonstrated the awesomeness of the PS3 features.



Here’s the wall of games which they had near the console sale area. Hmm… Haze, NBA, Resistance, Heavenly Sword… errrr.. where’s Metal Gear Solid 4? Why is that missing from the launch lineup?

In fact, upon asked it seems like you could only get Soul Calibur, Assasins Creed and Ratchet and Clank. The other games on the wall were not released yet said the booth zombie.

So… Lair, Heavenly Sword, etc. etc. are all not released yet!

DSC04340 Here’s the promotion package details for the launch bundle.

And of course there were some demo stations for people to play games one. Games featured were Assasin’s Creed, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ratchet And Clank and something which I can’t remember.


DSC04344 After a while the MC announced everyone to get to their seats cause the show was about to start.

Then the contestants for their GameGirl competition walked in.


I have no idea what the competition is about, I *think* it’s supposed to be like a model search to find the nicest looking female gamer since there’s a trivia question segment on the schedule. But I call it blatant sexual exploitation. Cause.. with out any fanfare… or any announcement…


Music plays.. and they start doing a cat walk routine.


But here’s my problem with this… they just walked down the stage doing their thing, there was no introduction, heck no one even announced the cat walk was taking place, it was just.. MUSIC then.. BRING IN THE CHICKS.


I stopped taking pictures after I finished testing out how well I could try and snap the pictures without a flash, and I was standing quite far away so I wasn’t getting an quality shots anyway, was there more to practice than anything.

But… for some people.


I think they got what they wanted


So once that was done, some high ranking rep from Sony (no I didn’t get his name, I’m a blogger not a journalist)walks in.


As per usual for an event like this, was to play music as said big guy walked in. And I immediately recognized the tune.. it was the overworld tune from The Legend Of Zelda! Someone needs to be told that just because it’s a video game tune doesn’t mean it’s ok to be played without regard at a game console launch.

My video cam person didn’t catch the first play through of this tune, but they played it again when the Sony Malaysia head went up for his keynote.. so here’s the proof of the bungle.

After the keynote they performed the launch errr.. I think they call the little gesture the launch gambit?


By slotting a giant disc into the giant PS3 on the stage. This started a count down which after it was over, 2 girls popped on stage and had a errr… fight…


They had a Soul Calibur 4 still in the background so I guess they were trying to errr… conform to the style of SC4 here?

Then there was a loud bang at the end as the confetti canons fired.


And I think most of the camera people in front are now temporarily deaf at this point. Oh well.. at least it’s better than having sparklers go off in an enclosed hall!

Then everyone gets ready for the photo that’ll be used in papers to talk about the launch tomorrow.


Then they pat everyone involved on the back.


Then they bring out the no. 1 person in the queue to be given their console.


I did a quick double take and wondered… there wasn’t any girl in the article previously? So where did this girl come from? Why does she not look like she’s been sleeping on the streets for the past few days, but is.. laden with make up, wears a Playstation shirt, complete with skimpy skirt. Like as if she was MADE to be put up there and to look good for the cameras.

I was only later when I took this picture that I realized what might have happened.


The girl is the guy who was featured as first in line in the article’s girlfriend. So… well there can still be many many reasons why she went up instead of him so I’ll just leave it to your imagination.

And that was how I spent my morning today… No I didn’t get a PS3 of my own yet. Still no pressing reason for me to get one yet. But I’m open to suggestions.

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