# Wednesday, 03 September 2008

Google's webbrowser, called Google Chrome has just been released in Beta form. It's a browser based on the webkit engine (used in Safari, iPhones) so luckily it means that I don't have to do *much* additional testing to see if our web sites work with it.

Among the various interesting features is what Google calls 'Applications Shortcuts' which allows you to save a URL to an icon on your desktop and then you can basically double click and run it as if you were running an application. This along with the built in support for Google gears is meant to help developers bear more powerful web applications that can integrate and work as well as native applications, check out the illustration in their introduction comic here on Page 34 ~ 35.

Wow.. making web applications that can have access to native resources, and pretty much grant the best of both web and native app worlds. Such a GREAT idea! Microsoft introduced HTML Applications waaaay back in IE5, it was meant to allow the development of web applications that when run on the client machine would have the capabilities and power of a native app. But for some reason it never took off, maybe it was because the idea was introduced by Microsoft and to many people native app meant Windows app and thus they didn't pay much attention to it.

Wonder how well people would receive Google's idea then?

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