# Saturday, 10 January 2009

I installed the Windows 7 Beta on my Fujitsu U1010 a few days ago, but now I'm in the middle of installing back Vista Home Premium on it.

The  U1010 is what I call my meeting computer, it's the computer which I take to meetings which doesn't involve me having to perform any code correction. With OneNote installed it IS my notepad.

It's also the tablet on which I scribble my ideas on, which from there on become actual system designs.

The Windows 7 Beta is FANTASTIC! System responsiveness on my U1010 was much better than on Vista, though the slow hard disk seems to be the cause of the hiccups. The new taskbar is... well... I was starting to understand how it works, but still wasn't ready to say wheter or not it's better than the old taskbar.

So... if the Windows 7 Beta was so great, why am I now reinstalling Vista then? Simple... of all the components... of all the drivers, I was worried that one thing wouldn't be working properly.... And I was right.

It wasn't my network adapter, it wasn't my sound card, it wasn't even the fact that the hardware switch couldn't turn off the wireless.

The touch screen driver refused to be calibrated properly... I tried the old Vista drivers, I tried the updated U1010 drivers on the web, heck I even tried the U2010 drivers. Nothing worked! I just couldn't get the touch screen to be calibrated properly!

And like I mentioned, the U1010 is where my ideas take form on.. I NEED SOMETHING TO WRITE ON!!! Like I mentioned before, (though I'm not sure if I ever said it in my blog before) I LOVE the tablet concept, I'm never going back to pen and paper notes, as long as possible I will not be carrying a paper ledger pad to a meeting ever again!

So... for now the Windows 7 Beta has to leave active use on my systems, until I can figure out how to correctly calibrate the touch screen.

Damn... I'm gonna miss that fish...

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