# Friday, 18 June 2010

The Secret Of Lousiana is a restaurant located in Plaza Kelana Jaya.


It's main claim to fame around my office was the fact that they offered an interesting package of all you can eat Spaghetti for lunch for only RM15.

So today I went with my colleagues to try out and see how good the Secret is.

We got there, gave our orders and waited. It seemed like a very busy restaurant since I could see the waiters constantly shuffling in and out with food. Most probably because of their all you can eat package. After a while the food for my colleagues came, and I was left waiting...

And waiting....

And waiting...

I reached there about 12:30PM, I waited until about 2PM. NO FOOD IS WORTH WAITING FOR ONE AND A HALF HOURS! We asked for the bill and when the waiter came I told them to cut off my set, since I DIDN'T FARKING EAT MY MEAL!

It would seem like the secret to learning the Secret Of Louisiana starts with NOT GOING ON A FRIDAY AFTERNOON! The person in charge was typically apologetic when I wanted to cancel my order, but I'm still pissed off because..

  1. My colleagues all got their food, why wasn't mine done?
  2. It seemed like they ran out of Bolognaise sauce or something since I heard some other people  asking for their Spaghetti Bolognaise. If you knew you had a problem, shouldn't you have let the customer know that there might be some problems with their order instead of letting them STARVE?!?!

So after wasting my time, and parking fees, and on the verge of fainting due to an hunger (I was ready for a buffet man, for PLATES OF SPAGHETTI... I GOT ZERO.. ZERO!!!) I still was unable to figure out the Secret Of Louisana.

In the end, the only secret I learnt was that:- Queuing up for McDonald's doesn't take 1.5 hours.


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