# Sunday, 30 May 2010

Why beat around the bush? I picked up yet another piece in my ever growing list of foam weaponry. Behold the Nerf Deploy!


Where's the trigger on the thing? Well that's where the DEPLOY bit in the name comes in, one push of a button on top of the carrying handle followed by a loud POP of springs getting their tensions released.


And you get a more traditional looking gun. And that's pretty much it's only trick, being collapsible to make it a bit easier to store and carry around. What can I say? I really like spring activated transformation features!

Ok, so I lied, the Deploy has one more feature bullet point on it's box.


It has a red LED flashlite. Yes I said lite not light cause... well... you won't be looking at total darkness when you use it but... couldn't they have put in something a whee bit stronger? Oh yeah.. what am I saying... it's a kid's toy you don't want to put a tactical capable light on it.

Performance wise, well... feels like your typical Nerf gun. Get's the job done spiting out darts to hit your son across the room. It uses the Clip system so if you're feel like it you can just use the drum magazine of the Raider with the Deploy.

I do have one gripe about the Deploy thought and that's with regards to the grip.


The problem here is that because the grip (and ONLY the grip, not the trigger) needs to be collapsible in the compact mode as such.


It's not one rigid piece attached to the frame, so holding on to the gun with only the grip just feels loose and well.. I do have a fear that it might actually break if it undergoes too much stress. :P

Can't say I recommend this to anyone just looking for a Nerf gun to shoot with, it's pretty... normal. And there are other cheaper alternative in that category.

But if you like seeing spring loaded toys deploy....

By all means then!

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