# Saturday, 12 December 2009

So on Saturday I was at Pudu Plaza to pick up something, I drove up to the 4th floor parking to try to find a parking spot, drove over a bump and then there was a LOUD BANG!! Following which I felt my car is now leaning towards the left, Shit my tyre must have exploded! I quickly got out of the car to assess the damage. Front left tyre... OK! Rear left tyre.. OK? Then what the heck was that sound and why is my car leaning towards the left? Then I saw IT! A piece of metal plate that was hanging right above ground.

The car could still move so I parked it then took a closer look at it.


The round piece used to be connected to something on top and it just... SNAPPED for some reason. It really was one hell of a way to start a Saturday!

Eventually my father arrvied to take a look at it, and he decided it was safe enough to drive it back to the shop to repair the car. Didnt' take too long or too much money luckily.

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