# Saturday, 21 July 2007

Now a days, USB flash drives comes in various shapes and capacities, and their physical size doesn't dictate the cost anymore, hence, you can have a miniscule 1GB flash drive which costs oh.. RM50?


The rapid drop of price also applies to memory cards, we have the many flavors of SD available in the market nowadays. And again... they're pretty cheap as well, A 1GB MicroSD now costs.. errr.. less than RM50?


The usual question a person asks themselves after getting a large memory card is How can I also use this in my desktop as a flash drive? Some manufacturers have came up with some interesting solutions to solve this problem, but typically a normal person would just pick up a memory card reader like this.


But these things are usually big... and well it ruins the aesthetics of your small little Micro SD card (if you were using one lar) since it needs to have slots for every other type of memory card as well. I was lucky enough to find a small Micro SD only reader during PC Fair. It's the white one that looks like a USB Flash Drive.


It's about that same size as a small flash drive making it easy for people to confuse the reader for a flash drive. But today while I was shopping around for a 2GB MicroSD for my Dopod C730 and I saw this little guy.


At first glance, it looks like an extremely small USB Flash Drive, look at the size of the thing! It's only about 2 USB plugs in length! A long time ago, when Flash Drives were still expensive. Pretec did come out with a Flash Drive that were this size, and it costs quite a bit to. But of course.. if this WAS a Flash Drive I wouldn't be talking about it.


This is actually a USB Reader + Micro SD Card combo from Kingston, it's available in 2 flavors, 1GB or 2GB. And as you can see, it has the Cooooool factor of having a pretty damn small Micro SD reader, essentially turning it into an ultra small USB Flash Drive. It added an extra RM30 to the cost of the MicroSD card, but hey.. the reader looks cool doesn't it?!?

On a side note, the packaging of the thing shows that Memory Card manufacturers are starting to know that customers might be buying their stuff for use with Window Vista for ReadyBoost purposes. So on the packaging of this reader/card combo Kingston put "Does not support READYBOOST".

Why so? As I mentioned in my little ReadyBoost article, just because you read on the net that something works as ReadyBoost on someone's computer, doesn't mean it works on yours. So I guess Kingston in an effort to minimize their risks from angry customers complaining that the thing doesn't work with ReadyBoost decided to put the warning on the packaging first.

Anyway... on my system the reader/card pair DOES work as a ReadyBoost device. I stuck  the 1GB San Disk Micro SD which this new 2GB one is replacing into the reader and yup.. sure enough.. it still reports that the thing is ReadyBoost capable. So that's an added plus for me!

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