# Saturday, 07 July 2007

So as I was walking through Low Yat Plaza today when I say this little guy sitting in a display case.


It's the Fujitsu U1010 one of the errr.. 2nd generation UMPC devices. Which means it's not really meant to be a notebook which you work on, but more like something you carry around which is more powerful than just a PDA (or an OVERPOWERED & OVERPRICED PDA) but is still small enough to carry around almost everywhere. I prefer not to call this a review.. more like a molestation report. :P

The specs are nothing to write home about, with an 800Mhz processor, 1GB of RAM and a 40GB hard disk. Pretty standard fare for an entry level notebook. One of the interesting bits is that it sports a nice 1024x600 screen, making the little 5" display look extremely sharp. And cause it uses the funky Intel chipset.. is able to run with Aero on if that is your wish.

The placement of the touch nib, on the top of the keyboard would seem to make it look as if you're supposed to be using the thing by holding it in your hands kinda like this pic. Which I guess it's more appropraite give that on my 7" P1610 it would already be a bit cramped to type on normally, on the 5" well.. it gets a bit difficult. So it would seem as if the keyboard would be better used as a thumb board, unfortunately it doesn't have the thumb board caveats ie. locking shift key, locking ctrl key, etc. etc.

One thing that left a bad impression on me is that first of all the thing doesn't have a built in VGA or Network port. The salesman tells me that both ports are on an included dongle, only problem is.. the dongle connector is on the center in FRONT of the keyboard, which means it'd get the way if you were trying to work on a table while connected to a wired network. Guess they don't expect you to do it that often.

I hate the fact that there's only ONE USB port on the thing, but I guess I shouldn't complain too much since it's a 5" slim convertible tablet... errr.. book PC.

It's a very interesting device, and let me put it this way.. if you even thought about buying the little devil of a PDA, you REALLY should give the U1010 a look, yes.. the U1010 isn't a phone but lets face it.. you wouldn't use a ceramic tile as a phone right?

I'm still keeping my eye out on the Asus eeePC of course.

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