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And I'm NOT a happy camper!! It's a nice action movie yes, but it's Star Trek you shouldn't need to turn off your brain and NOT see all the GLARING PLOT HOLES. But then again what am I talking about? Ever since the last few seasons of DS9 Trek was going downhill already, with Voyager getting some good episodes, and finally dying with the piss pot that was Enterprise. But I digress. Let me now list out the plot holes of the Star Trek The Reboot in chronological order.

Needless to say if you haven't watched the movie yet you might want to stop reading now.

Ok.. remember... this is in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER..

  • Wow.. for a mining vessel it has a LOT of weapons. I'd think that for a ship not designed for combat there would primarily be energy based weapons, and not waste space for giant hull boring missiles!
  • Shields up yet... no flaring of shields on impact with weapons? Come on guys, this is not Star Wars you know, Trek shields extend as a bubble around the ship and if you say shields up you SHOW shields. not just say it for the heck of it and still see things flying through it as if there was nothing there!
  • A ship carrying a warp core just did a suicidal collision ram into a mining vessel that's not meant for combat. Needless to say the warp core (or as we learn at the end of the movie warp CORES.....) was breached. Warp core breaches are bad things, they make a very big boom (again as noted at the end of the movie when the Enterprise escapes from the black hole) Mining vessel should have been destroyed. (but then there wouldn't be a movie now would there?)
  • You do not build starships with a nassel arc on Earth, why waste the effort and materials building supports to create the nassels when it's easier to build it in space? We know that their transporters and shuttle crafts are already working very well and it's not an issue of not being able to get the materials to space. Also, when you build something on Earth you have to waste the energy to push it into space.
  • You mean to tell  me that ALMOST EVERYONE that has real experience is unavailable in Star Fleet that they have to tell ALL THE CADETS to man the vessels? (hmmm.. and then most of them died... guess that year's graduation isn't going to be big)
  • Why is it that a MINING VESSEL can deploy a drill, spend at least a day (Star Fleet was alerted, then they had to get the people to their ships, get to Vulcan, It's at least a day) Drilling a hole into Vulcan's core and NOT GET harrassed by ANY SORT OF DEFENSES? We're not talking about some Vulcan colony, or remote Vulcan outpost. We're talking about VULCAN.. home planet, no ships? nothing? In fact why were the Vulcans NOT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL! Look mommy... there's a giant ship in the sky... and they're launching some kind of beam on our planet... it seems to be causing the earthquakes.. maybe we should shoot the ship down mommy... or maybe we should run for the shuttle craft instead of just stare in awe at the giant menacing space ship as if we have no way of reaching it and destroying it.
  • You mean to tell me about HALF A DOZEN, combat ready (they were in space dock, must be fully armed and loaded) Starfleet vessels cannot outmanuver, outflank, outgun a huge mining vessel with forward firing weapons and is tethered to a giant cable which it's during Vulcan with? Are you telling me that even if the ship was manned with only Cadets the commanding officers are unable to get the weapons online and attack the ship? It's not like it can IMMEDIATELY destroy all the ships, after all even the Kelvin lasted long enough to RAM the bloody thing.
  • Again.. shields up but the Enterprise is smashing into things as if there weren't any shields!
  • Not a plot hole but... RED SHIRT died hahahahahhaha!!
  • Vulcans are logical people, not religious, when their planet is crumbling around them they would probably seek refuge in the nearest shuttle craft not huddle around the altar in what seems to be an attempt to qwell the planet's demons. Besides... there was this giant ship thing THAT WAS DRILLING A HOLE IN THEIR PLANET, OF COURSE it's a man made disaster!
  • Again Vulcans are logical, Spock would never have just shoved Kirk into an escape pod and launched him onto a planet which features frigid weather, dangerous wildlife, and the possibility of the escape pod embedding itself into a glacier, or worse hitting the sea. Wait a second... shouldn't the escape pod be able to land properly instead of just dropping onto the planet?
  • It is illogical for future Spock to review so much about the future, but then again it could be because he's just emotionally distraught!
  • Wow.. transporters that can just pop someone from the planet they're on to a ship that's pretty far away. Deus Ex Mechanica time! Beaming from one ship to another in warp is one thing but from the outpost to the Enterprise? How did they even get a lock on the Enterprise, they didn't even detect Kirk's escape pod hitting the planet, or the giant mining vessel dropping future Spock off.
  • Why does the engineering section look like a damn factory?
  • Again... home planet of the human race and NO FUCKING DEFENSES to stop a mere MINING VESSEL from the future? And once again said mining vessel can just hover over the planet, launch a drill cable and drill away, no retaliation what so ever. Does Starfleet not have anymore shuttle craft? We know they still have plenty of cadets left, they could have just sent those guys up. It doesn't matter if it has superior future technology, it's a mining vessel not a Borg cube. It just knows how to dig holes better. You could say they might have spent time upgrading the ship in 25 years, but they were generally hiding for 25 years, which also begs the question, can a mining ship operate for 25 years without a checkup?
  • That's a pretty dangerous design for a ship, no railings at all! it's like the designers WANT the crew to accidentally fall off and die! Not really a plot hole but interesting to point out.
  • Look the Enterprise has multiple warp CORES. But look.. big freaking explosion when warp cores blow up that's why the Kelvin should have blown up the mining vessel in the first act when it rammed the ship and I don't know.. blew up all it's warp cores?
  • You never established that Starfleet was about discovering new life and new civilizations and you dare utter the speech?

As you can see I'm pretty disappointed at the movie, I just want the franchise to die now and be remembered as what it was, not what it has become. While yes a movie should be catered to everyone and not just the fans but... it's Star Trek... and they themselves tied the relation to the original series by saying that it's just an alternate timeline, so they should share all aspects of the Star Trek universe and shouldn't be doing things just for the sake of it.

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