# Sunday, 10 February 2008

I still remember when I heard the name Transflash... oh god, not another memory format! That was when I just swapped my SD card for a Mini SD card to be used in my phone. And with the apperance of Transflash I knew that it wouldn't be long until I got a phone which needed to use that type of memory.

After a while, Transflash got renamed to MicroSD and then it became apparent that with the right type of adapter you could use MicroSD cards in any SD card scenario.

And I recently completed my collection of MicroSD adapters.


To complete my set of adapters I finally managed to get hold of a MicroSD to MiniSD by trading my MicroSD to SD & USB adapter for it. This means that I'm now able to use a MicroSD card in pretty much any situation... granted.... how many people still use MiniSD cards nowadays?

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