# Sunday, 03 February 2008

So I got another bag for the Asus eeePC.


It's uninteresting at first glance. And a bit worse when you get to the insides.


The accessory compartment is FLAT, it can't expand to accommodate anything bulky in there, ie.. The power adapter, It has a wire mesh zipper to hold some cables, a removable disc folder to hold DVDs and a pocket.. which I think is for the power adapter, but like I mentioned, the compartment doesn't expand so it's not a good idea to throw anything bulky in there.


Which means the power adapter ends up in front with the eeePC, this case was initially designed for a 10" portable DVD player so there's plenty of room in there for the eeePC. But since everything just mashes around it's really not that good a carrying case.

So why would I buy such a lousy carrying case for the eeePC? Because obviously there's some gimmick that makes it interesting!


The case comes with straps and hooks to suspend it in open mode either between the 2 front seats or behind a specific seat. (No reward for guessing what's playing on the eeePC right now)


As the eeePC is so small there's still plenty of space left for you to connect a USB hard disk containing your movies to watch. You can technically use the eeePC while it's in the case if you tightened the straps enough but the middle bracing strap that goes over the keyboard might get in your way, you can of course remove the strap but that would mean there'll be an eeePC flying around the car if anything happens.

Why did I buy this? Well... it's about time for the Chinese New Year trip, and I don't want to be caught flat footed in a jam with WZ in the car screaming over boredom. For those questioning the battery life of the eeePC, it doesn't matter because I have an inverter in the car. So all I need is to fill up a hard disk or thumb drive with lots and lots and LOTS of anime and WZ should remain happy.

Yes I do realise that the eeePC isn't that readable in sunlight... maybe I should only travel at night then? :P

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