# Saturday, 20 October 2007

My MVP award package arrived today. Usually this contains some nice piece of swag. After the interesting desktop organizer from last year I wondered what MS would give this time around.


I guess te theme for this year is BLUETOOTH. From the top there's a pair of A2DP around the ear headphones, on the left of that is a Bluetooth A2DP transmitter, much like what I have. Then there's a Bluetooth dongle, and then there's a Bluetooth mouse... more specifically it's a Mogo Mouse! It's essentially a mouse in the shape of a PCMCIA card. I remember seeing this in the shop and wondering How the heck do you use a flat mouse? Turns out you don't..


You flip down a little kick stand, which gives it an angle and also acts as a power switch. Using the mouse isn't as bad as I thought moving a PC card around like a mouse would be, but then again I haven't use it much yet.

In case you're wondering.. yes, it runs on rechargeable batteries. Care to guess how it recharges? Yup.. you plug it into your PC Card slot. Ironically for me, the machine where this thing would be most beneficial to, is the Fujitsu U1010... which DOESN'T have a PC Card slot.

But it's a well thought out package this time around, interesting choice of gear picked.

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