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Long time readers of my blog might remember what this is.


Yes, this is a hand crank 5V dispenser, but it's not the one that was pictured in the previous post no, this is a new one that I picked up from DealExtreme, so why did I go buy another thing which I hope I never be in the situation where I'd need it? Cause it comes with a USB port as it's output!


The previous one I had used a normal power plug style connector, so it meant I'd have to carry the proper cables around if I wanted to provide power for USB.


But of course with this new one I can just directly plug a USB charge cable into it and start cranking. But... as I started testing it I realized something. First of all the USB cranker had a much tighter and stiffer crank, and I could hear the gears slipping every now and then. Secondlly the USB cranker seemed to be outputing much less current than the old model.

As the crankers were only secured by 2 screws, I decided to pop them open to see what's so different between the 2 of them. Here's the USB Cranker


And here's what the old cranker looks like on the inside


Since I have no electrical engineering experience and can't tell how efficient each cranker is, I'll explain from what I can see. The crank handle of the old cranker has a METAL core thus it can rotate around more smoothly, the new one has a PLASTIC core, so not only it doesn't move around smoothly, I'm gonna guess if I use it too much it'd start changing shape and get filed down. The gears generally feel much more tighter and well made on the old one as well.

Damn.. I guess they really don't make things like they use to anymore!

Hmmm... maybe I can perform a transplant...

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