# Tuesday, 25 November 2008


This is the first external DVD drive I bought, I think it was about 2003 after I got my first tablet PC which didn't come with a built in optical drive. 5 years later I get this.


It's slightly wider and thicker than the external drive, but is about the same length. But this is not an external optical drive.


This is a case for the mini-itx form factor, and in it is of course the Intel D945GCLF2. It's a very small cramped case that just barely has enough space for a 2.5" hard disk, the case also supports the use of a slim optical drive but I have no need for that... nor do I know where to find one!


It's VERY cramped inside the case, as it usually is the case for generic cases, you can see the board's power cable is literally pressed up against the front top of the case. I really don't know how they intended for a slim line optical drive to fit!


With the drive mounting panel in place you can see that there really isn't much space for anything else, and just remember beneath the plate is a whole bunch of wires.

This system's main purpose is to serve as a video player unit that I can take along with me and connect it to the TV's in the hotel rooms when I go out with WZ (cause mommy doesn't feel that WZ can stare at the eeePC without wanting to destory it) This can theoretically serve the purpose well because


The board has a built in S-Video out, so theoretically I can just plug it in to any TV... that has an S-Video port. Which I don't think most hotel TVs have. So I thought I could just use a converter that looks like this


To convert the signal to fit through a composite plug. Unfortunately, with the above 2 converters, the single unit plug type one gives me a black and white picture, but it's so old I can't remember where I found it so I don't know if it's because of dust on the plug or wheter the converter just isn't working well. The wire type converter doesn't even make the video card register that there's a video connection. So I'm hoping to find a proper usable one soon.

It was also when assembling this machine that I realized...


DIMM RAM now comes in half the height now!

Anyway.. if you're looking for a small ass case for your Mini-ITX project in Malaysia, I'd have to say this has got to be the smallest and cheapest (relatively) one you can find.

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