# Saturday, 13 January 2007

OK, so pretty much everyone has heard of Apple's recently announced Apple iPhone phone device. I guess some of my friends would like to see what I think about the thing.

Hmm.. where do I start? Ok.. first off, hey.. at the very least it looks sexy! 

Next, using touchpad style technology instead of a standard passive touchscreen and totally throwing out all the usual buttons, very bold move Steve! Wow... the screen detects that it's close to my face and disables itself so that I don't accidentally hit any controls while I'm talking on the phone! That's so cool! So Steve do let me know if the screen comes with an anti fingerprint/grime/sweat coating cause I've been using a touchscreen phone for years now and I have yet to accidentally activate anything while on a call. But what I HAVE been able to do is smudge my screen with my sweat, facial grime, and finger prints.

Another interesting thing to note is the soft keyboard which appears on screen, I noticed that it's a standard QWERTY keyboard. The initial complaint when the PPC phones first came out was that there was no numeric keypad to perform T9 input. Why were people asking for that even though some devices had a physical keyboard on the device? Because they wanted to be able to control the device with ONE HAND. So in order to type an SMS in one hand on the iPhone you'd need to be able to flex your thumb all over the device while clamping it between your thumb and index finger. But... it's a softkeyboard, so there's plenty of possibility for them to make a numeric keypad instead. Oh.. if you're thinking about using a stylus on the iPhone to keep fingerprints away... it's very likely you can't especially if it's using a capacitive touchpad technology.

As an MP3 player, it really doesn't appeal to me because... #1. My music isn't bought from iTunes. #2. I really don't listen to music that much. As a video player, it's highly unlikely that the iPhone will play 640x480 XVids with AC3 audio streams without transcoding. Now if it did that I *might* be interested in it.

As a *slightly* smarter phone (cause Steves says it's not a smart phone!) It definetly doesn't work for me cause I can't write apps for it. The main programs I use on my 838 is the RSS Reader, IE, MSN, and Remote Desktop Connection. So the iPhone is definetly not replacing my PPC phone anytime soon.

The lack of any flavour of 3G is interesting, I think it's probably because while UMTS 3G isn't popular in US, it's quite popular over in UK and over here. So Steve must be banking on the widespread availability of WiFi hotspots to offset the cost of including something that is lightly used in the states. Also.. if the device DID come with 3G it's likely that battery life would be shortened too.

And to touch on the battery, come on Steve... put a battery door in the device, yes it spoils the asthetics of a smooth body but users want to be able to pump more juice into the thing when necessary.

*Phew*... that was unnecessarily long. okay.. now I can point people to this entry if they ask me what do I think aobut the Apple iPhone! ;)

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