# Thursday, 09 March 2006

Ever since the announcement that Street Fighter ][ was coming to the Xbox Live Arcade I have been ready. Yes all those memories of getting beating to a pulp within 15 secs by Ryu and Kens are coming back to me now... but hey it's still good clean healthy fun!

But I knew that a joypad is not the right controller to do a Dragon Punch, neither is an analog stick. No... the only thing that you should perform all these quarter circle turns, and the notorious 'Z' Dragon Punch motion is a proper.. DIGITAL joystick! But they don't come cheap and I knew I wasn't that good to warrant spending that much money on a stick specifically for that one game.

Then an opportunity arised, Lik Sang was informing customers to use up their reward points cause they were retiring the system and that all customers should spend all their points as soon as possible, as I browsed through what they had to offer I was surprised that I could redeem... The Hori DOA4 Arcade Stick! either someone screwed up on the points allocation for the stick, or I really spent a lot of money in Lik Sang (curse them and their Japanese DS game supply!) to actually get ENOUGH points for the thing I didn't care. Within 10 seconds of seeing I could redeem the stick it was in my shopping cart and the delivery order placed!

I still had to pay for the UPS shipping charges but it's just a fraction of the stick's actual costs, then on the day that the UPS tracking page said it arrived in Sepang I still didn't get the delivery by the afternoon I called up UPS and they told me Oh.. it's being held for customs inspection. NOOOOOOO!!!!! I thought this is it... they're gonna tax me!!! Or worse.. what if.. what if because there's a picture of a girl on the stick, and the fact that it's a JOYstick they might just clasify it as a PORNSTICK and confiscate it???

Luckily it was all in my head, the stick was delivered the 2nd day (a Saturday in fact.. that's service!) intact with no taxes.. and now I have it.. and I'm ready...


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